Restore for Kids! My Time and Our Time

Modern life is filled with distractions—many of us are constantly connected to technology, bustling from one activity to the next and have increasing pressures within family dynamics. Rarely do we set aside the time to be still, quiet, and connect to the present moment. As a result, many kids are over stimulated, distracted, unable to focus, and unequipped to cope when things do not go their way or when faced with challenging or stressful situations.

What would it look like if we provided kids with life-long tools to support them in living happier and more balanced lives? What would it look like if children in schools learned the skills to consciously connect with their breath, to learn how to calm their minds and bodies, and to cultivate more kindness and compassion? Classrooms and entire schools can be transformed as we strengthen our capacity to know ourselves better and to shift the way in which we interact with each other.

Meditation is a tool that supports the inner life of the developing learner. If we nurture the inner life of children and cultivate emotional intelligence, self-awareness, attunement, and the tools necessary to face challenges of many forms, we can develop the specific competencies that are vital to creating a more harmonious learning environment and future for our children. This life skill provides a direct experience to inner calmness and peace connects us to the world around us and can serve as a catalyst for global understanding and healing.

Restore for Kids provides practical, transferable tools for…

  • anxiety and stress reduction
  • greater capacity for kindness and compassion
  • improved focus and concentration
  • enhanced creativity and productivity
  • a greater sense of overall wellbeing

Restore Kids will learn and engage in:

  • mindful tools, meditation practices and restorative breathing techniques for inner calmness and peace
  • Interpersonal and societal skills for more meaningful relationships and sense of community
  • leadership skills to help others thrive

For more information about how you and your organization can benefit from one of these programs, contact CTV’s Executive Director, Shelley Swan at 408.490.1442 or email

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