Restore! for Reentry and
Incarcerated Youth and Adults

How much difference can one conscious breath make? Clients who begin Restore Life Skills Program naturally have questions about how practices like meditation and breathing exercises can reduce stress and make a difference in their lives. Clients who attend this program have the opportunity to experience directly the positive effects of meditation. With the pressures of meeting the daily routine of incarcerated life, to the challenges of reintegrating back into the community, feelings of an uncertain future, and for most staying sober, the tools learned provide a chance for clients to reboot and recharge. One conscious breath and the practice of calming the mind has the potential to change the course of an individual’s future by learning to simply pause. One breath can turn the tide in a person’s life and the lives around them.

The benefits of meditation and breathing exercises extend to even the most difficult environments. By learning to consciously connect with our breath, we can demonstrate a greater capacity to make positive decisions, respond rather than react, become ready to learn and concentrate, and manage strong emotions in stressful situations.

The Restore! Life Skills Program provides the following practical and transferable tools for…

  • Gaining new perspectives on stressful situations
  • Building skills to manage stress
  • Reduce negative emotions
  • Improved focus and concentration
  • Improved health and vitality
  • Increased sense of overall well-being

Restore Participants will learn and engage in:

  • Principles for higher living
  • Meditation techniques for optimal wellbeing
  • Restorative breathing practices for inner calmness and peace
  • Relaxation techniques for reduced stress
  • Dialog process for improved interpersonal and societal skills
  • Hatha Yoga for inner balance
  • Journaling, coloring, art projects, and writing assignments
  • Personal tools for long term success

Fire in My Darkness

Inhale slowly the positive,
eyes closed shut, traveling within.
Exhale the negative,
I can breathe without anxiety,
experience freedom as I soar.
I collapse into a peaceful, beautiful state, that I am.
Anger, frustration, stress,
I’m caged, chained.
I’ve found the key to my crate,
darkness is shattered as I’ve found my fire,
burns tirelessly when I’ve felt so dead.
My new freedom gives strength to pull from the mire,
as I inhale the goodness connected to me I see I am truly one of a kind.
I find a new, different, wise me.
As I exhale,
I love the new song I sing…
There is a blazing fire in my darkness.
I Am Alive.
By – Victoria T., Restore! Reclaiming the Light Within Participant
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