Restore Leadership Program
and Train the Trainer


We believe that anyone can exercise effective leadership when they feel deeply about an issue and take initiative. We believe that the power for making change comes from the inner motivations people feel when they can see the human impact of an issue, and that people already have a source of wisdom from their deepest source of values that inspires or compels them to act. And we believe that while one individual can make significant local change, acting in community has an even greater power for sustaining broad based change over time.

One of the first steps to restoring or enhancing our overall well-being is taking the time to get in touch with our vision and our values. When we contemplate why we do what we do, we can connect with the quality of deep caring and vision that often motivates the way we engage in the world. Sharing this with one another deepens the experience and enriches the possibilities of meaningful insights and healing potential. While the experiences we bring may be unique, discovering the common bond of human compassion is, in and of itself, energizing and renewing.

Restore Leadership is a progression of inner reflection, connection to our individual purpose, and discovering commitments that align with our vision and values. The course is a fully integrated approach for living a conscious and mindful life that can produce both real commitment and significant change, in the individual, the community, and the world.

Course Vision: Our unique approach to inner personal development informs our ability to connect, achieve, inspire, and live with conscious leadership.

Course Goal: Participants in this highly interactive program master the tools to unleash the potential within themselves and skillfully articulate the qualities of conscious leadership in their own lives.

This 12-week course offers an integrated approach in developing 10 core competencies.

L – Listening
E – Effectiveness
A – Affirming
D – Dreaming / Visioning
E – Engaged
R – Resilience
S – Silence
H – Humility
I – Integrity
P – Pause


Modern life is filled with distractions—many of us are constantly connected to technology, bustling from one activity to the next and have increasing pressures within family dynamics. Rarely do we set aside the time to be still, quiet, and connect to the present moment. As a result, our culture is over stimulated, distracted, disconnected, unable to focus, and unequipped to cope when faced with challenging or stressful situations.

Cultivating inner peace is a life skill that is available to everyone. Restore provides practical and transferable tools and techniques to consciously connect us with our breath which enhances our capacity to make positive decisions, respond rather than react, become ready to learn and concentrate, improve our interpersonal skills, and manage strong emotions in stressful situations. Providing a direct experience to inner calmness and peace connects us to the world around us and can serve as a catalyst for deeper understanding and healing.

Our Restore Train the Trainer Program is practical and straightforward. Step one – provide the foundation to enhance daily meditation practice, focusing on science, specific techniques, and how to arrange conditions for a sustainable practice. Step two – the practical application of the Restore Life Skills Curriculum, how to bring our own unique experience into the teachings and connecting more deeply with ourselves so we can connect more deeply with others and reach more people in our community. Step three – practice teaching the lessons learned in small groups and creating an environment for success and long-term sustainability.

For more information about how you and your organization can benefit from one of these programs, contact CTV’s Executive Director, Shelley Swan at 408.490.1442 or email

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