Restore! Life Skills for Service Providers

We all have unique gifts, talents, dreams, values, and life experiences that prepare us for our service in society and allow us to respond to the needs of our time. The particular service that we offer is enhanced by our unique qualifications and experiences and impacted by our overall well-being. No matter how comprehensive our training, how extensive our experience is, or how deeply we care about our vocation, if our energy is depleted, if we are over-stressed and lack the tools or the environment we need to care for our own wellbeing, we are not able to bring forth all that is possible.

Today, the need for compassionate, wise, energetic, and competent service providers is greater than ever. Yet, individuals engaged in serving others are frequently working in high stress environments under great pressure that may tempt them to sacrifice their own well-being. Compassion fatigue, or secondary traumatic stress, commonly known as “caregiver burnout” with its symptoms of pervasive fatigue, feelings of hopelessness, inability to focus, loss of productivity, and the experience of self-doubt or incompetence are increasingly common in our service sectors.

Restore! Service Providers will learn and engage in:

  • a dynamic dialog process for improved communication and group morale
  • restorative breathing practices for inner peace
  • meditation techniques for optimal wellbeing
  • relaxation techniques for reduced stress
  • concentration practices for enhanced focus and productivity
  • personal tools for long term success

Restore provides practical, transferrable tools for:

  • anxiety and stress reduction
  • greater capacity for kindness and compassion
  • enhanced focus and concentration
  • improved personal, interpersonal, and societal skills for more meaningful relationships and sense of community
  • a greater sense of overall wellbeing

For more information about how you and your organization can benefit from one of these programs, contact CTV’s Executive Director, Shelley Swan at 408.490.1442 or email

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