Restore! Training and Workshops

Our Restore! Life Skills Program provides training for nonviolence education that is for everyone regardless of stage of life, age, place, time, or circumstance. Life skills learned in this program are non-sectarian, educational and research based. Restore is offered schools, reentry programs, jails, and the workplace.

One of the first steps to restoring or enhancing our collective wellbeing is taking the time to get in touch with our vision and our values and what we care most deeply about. Sharing this with one another in a safe environment enriches the possibilities of meaningful insights, deeper connections, and healing potential. While our particular experiences, backgrounds, and beliefs may be unique, discovering the common bond of human compassion is, in and of itself, restoring.

Cultivating inner peace is a life skill that is available to everyone. Restore! provides practical and transferable tools and techniques to consciously connect us with our breath which enhances our capacity to make positive decisions, respond rather than react, become ready to learn and concentrate, improve our interpersonal skills, and manage strong emotions in stressful situations. Providing a direct experience to inner calmness and peace connects us to the world around us and can serve as a catalyst for global understanding and healing.

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Watch these videos for some helpful movement, breathing and meditation exercises.

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